Golf Cart custom Vinyl Wrap in GLOSS LASER FLIP TIFFANY

The client saw this wrap color and fell in love. We updated her old golf cart with a stunning new color flip vinyl wrap.

The color is called Gloss Laser Flip Tiffany and is a really cool and unique blue color vinyl wrap from tinybot.


Starting with this Club Car golf cart in purple.


We also restored the bumpers and black plastic trim.


One thing that can always ruin the look of a freshly detailed car is where the black plastic trim areas of the bodywork have faded. These areas which were once a deep black color when they left the factory, change to an old and tired looking grey(sometimes almost white) color over time. As with any exterior car features, it’s exposed to the elements and is therefore prone to fading at some point in the vehicles life.

You could spend hours and hours detailing a car, but if there are faded plastic bits on the exterior, it will never look as good as it potentially could. Deep black looks smooth and clean and will provide the contrast against body panels that makes your paintwork or new Wrap pop.

All metal hardware was repainted.


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